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Customers have two options for payment:

    1) Maintain a current credit card on file that will be billed on the day of service.
    2) Pay in advance to book your planting.

Any balances due must be paid on the day of planting.  We accept check / cash / credit and debit cards.

Late Payments. 
If a balance remains unpaid 30 days after service, a late fee of $25 will be assessed.

Caring for Plants. 
Plants are living things that require care.  We do our best to choose low maintenance / hardy plants.  We also leave care instructions for each planting, and we are happy to answer questions about care if you reach out to us. 

We use our horticulture training and experience to pick the plants we think will perform best for your space.  However, we cannot guarantee the performance of any particular plant.

Ultimately, once the plants are installed, the customer is responsible for the care and regular watering of the plants throughout the season. We are not responsible for plant damages that occur due to freeze, hail, improper watering, insect damage, wind damage, acts of God, or any other circumstances outside of our control.

If there is an issue with your planting on the day of the install – please let us know right away and we will happily correct it at that time.  

If you have an issue with your plantings and would like help with from one of our staff to repair the problem, contact us and we can quote you for a one time service.  Pricing will be based on the time and material required to address the issue.

How do I make changes to my service?
We will send an email out before each season asking you to confirm your planting preferences for that season.  If you need to add or remove pots from your service or skip a season – you can let us know at that time.  Or you can contact us anytime with changes:

Contact Information:
Amy Choi (Owner)
Phone: 512-923-1194

*Updated May 2022*


Last Updated: February 2022

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