A Perfect Pairing!
Our 14" drop ins pair perfectly with the Tierraverde Vibrato Self Watering Urn, available at Home Depot (or any container with compatible dimensions!)


Cool Vibes (14"Drop In)

  • Our Cool Vibes Drop in Collection features Lemon Cypress, Redbor Kale, Colormax Violas (Blue Icy), Allysum and Vinca Minor.  All plants in this collection are freeze hardy and can sit outdoors throughout the winter season.

    Drop ins are delivered in a molded peat pot and can be placed in any pot or container with compatible dimensions.  If you don't have a container, be sure to check out our recommended pairing below!


  • Order today!  Our Winter Drop Ins will be Delivered November 22nd and 23rd - Just in time for the holidays!