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Classic White Urns (Set of 2)


Let our garden stylists create an elegant entryway for you each season with these classic white urns.

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  • Watering Options

    Watering Instructions Only
    We include easy and clear watering instructions with all of our subscriptions.

    Drip Irrigation - One time fee of $125 (includes parts and installation)
    A drip irrigation system is a great option if you're worried about vacations or forgetting to water.  Our technicians will install a drip irrigation system with a timer that will water your flower pot(s) automatically.  The system can tie into an existing sprinkler system, or be run off of a hose bib. 

    This is the best way to ensure your plantings look great all season.

  • Pricing Details

    The listed price is for one season of planting service for this set of containers.  The subscription rate for this set is based on two 15-19" containers ($129/season each) for a total of $258 per season.


    The $10 monthly rental fee for containers will be charged monthly for as long as you keep the containers.  Containers will be delivered with your first planting.