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How do I measure my pots?

Our subscription rates are based on the size of your flower pot's opening.  So just measure the inside diameter of the top of your pot.  If you're not sure how to measure, take your best guess at size and we will double check on our first visit.  We can always adjust your rate up/down after we measure your pots.

We round down to the nearest inch.  So if your flower pot is 13 3/4", we would call it an 10"-13" pot.

What is drip irrigation and how does it work?

A drip irrigation system will run water through small tubing to a small sprayer attachment in each of your pots.  It can connect to your existing sprinkler system, or run off a hose bib with a timer.  If you utilize a hose bib, you will need to disconnect it in the winter time if there is a freeze.  

Drip irrigation conserves water and keeps your plants regularly watered.  We highly recommend drip systems for busy families.  It is the best way to keep your plants healthy and thriving.

How do I change out my rental pots?

If you want to change out your rental pots, simply contact us before your next seasonal planting.  Our garden stylists will swap your planters and your plants out that quarter.

What if my plants die mid-season?

We will send out easy to follow care instructions with each of your flower installations.  The best way to protect your plants is to make sure they are watered correctly, so for this reason we recommend having one of our technicians install a drip irrigation system for you.  

If your plants don't last, don't worry - we'll be back to replant the next season soon (roughly every 3 months).  If you can't wait, you can pay for an additional planting that season at your usual subscription rate.

When do you plant each season?

We change out your plants roughly every three months.  We aim to do new plantings in September, late November/ early December, March and June.  We carefully monitor the weather to determine many of our planting windows.  We will send you a notice via email a week or two prior to your planting date.

More Questions - Feel free to contact us!

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