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(Spring Plantings Scheduled for March 21st - April 1, 2022 )

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Monthly Maintenance
*Trial for Spring 2022*

When you sign up for Monthly Maintenance, we will come by once a month to do general maintenance on your planter.  Each month we will prune back plants to help the arrangement hold its shape, deadhead spent flowers, check moisture levels and replace failed plants as needed.


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Updates for 2022

Important Change in Payment Process
Starting this year, we are requesting payment in advance or a valid credit card on file, before we can book your spring planting.

When we receive your sign up for Spring, we'll send you an invoice.  You can either pay the invoice or contact us to put a credit card on file, to book your planting. If you put a credit card on file, we will run it the day we install your plants. 

Thanks for your understanding as our business grows and changes each year!

Help Us Plan Ahead!
In the 2020's, sourcing materials is an ongoing challenge!  We are starting our planning processes much earlier to make sure we can get the best materials!

Can you tell us which seasons you are likely to sign up for this year? (This is not binding - just your best guess to help us place orders early!)

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