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Being a Good Neighbor

One of our goals as a company is to be a good neighbor to our community. This includes thinking about our environmental impact, how we treat our workers, and how we support the needs of our local community.

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Environmental Responsibility. 
Ready, Set, Grow is proud to have partnered with
TURN Compost.  TURN is now collecting all of our plant and soil waste and converting it into compost.  This reduces the burden on local landfills, lowers greenhouse gases, and helps regenerate the soil in our area.

We also are working on a partnership that would allow us to properly recycle all of the plastic nursery pots that our plants arrive in.  Black plastic grow pots are not recyclable through city collected bins.  They have to be washed and taken to a specialized recycling facility.  We hope that by 2022 we will be able to convert all of our gardening waste into recycled materials.

Plant Soil
Gardening Tools

Fair and Dignified Employment.

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