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Ready, Set, Grow is a professional container gardening company serving Collin County, Texas.

We design beautiful flower pot arrangements for homes and businesses and update them seasonally!


Winter Drop Ins
Now Available!

How Does it Work?

1. Choose your favorite drop in design and place your order. 

2. We deliver a lush, professional arrangement to your door.

3.  Drop into a compatible container for instant curb appeal!


Our Services


Seasonal Flower Pot

Our signature service.  Our team of experienced gardeners will design and install lush floral arrangements at your home or business and change them out each season!

These arrangements are custom designed for your space.  We tailer the plantings to achieve a scale and style that is specific to your home and your containers.



Drop Ins and Gifts

Our Drop In Arrangements are available for delivery within 30 miles of McKinney.  Drop ins are pre-made arrangments delivered in peet pots.  Simply set into a compatible container for instant curb appeal!

Like all of our plantings, these are professionally designed using hardy, low maintenance plants.  Drop ins are perfect for gifting, and offer a budget friendly alternative to our custom planting service!

Current Service Area

We are currently servicing:


Seasonal Planting Service:
Collin County and all of Frisco!

Drop Ins and Deliveries:
Within 30 miles of McKinney!

Not in our service area?
Add your address to our wait list and help us decide what areas to open up next!  We will send you a notice when Ready, Set, Grow comes to your neighborhood.


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